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Floor Restoration London

…in London, by Stone Guru®. This is the topic that we will discuss today. Here’s the EN version:

Premium floor restoration services

I’ve came across Stone Guru® while working on some digital stuff a couple of years ago. Since then, I was very intrigued by the way they do social media marketing and the way they sell their floor restoration, refurbishment and renovation services. 

I really think that they look great and very appealing.
What really blew  me away is the fact that they’ve worked for very big clients in London such as: Tiffany’s, the Italian Embassy, Royal Opera House, Graff Diamonds, Hermes and many many more. It seems that everyone want’s to only work with Stone Guru® when it comes to their specialized floor services.

Floor restoration on FaceBook

Stone Guru®, like every single business out there, has a FaceBook page. They are posting some serious and engaging stuff about floor restoration and floor services in general. You should really keep an eye on them.

In other words, Stone Guru® looks and is the company that brings you premium floor restoration at levels that you deserve.
Go check them out.